Roll Dispenser & Cutter

  • Stainless Steel frame
  • Hygienic use in CSSD units
  • high quality cutting blade
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Double rack design
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Rotary Sealer with Printer

  • Specially designed to meet the demand of high volume operations in hospitals and medical device industries
  • Monitoring the essential data to be printed on the sterilization packaging through the LCD panel
  • All essentials data for traceability can be printed on the back side of the pouch
  • Adjustable temperature between 50°C to 250°C
  • In compliance with EN 868-5 and ISO 11607-1, Tyvek 1059B, 1073B and 2FS
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Automatic Cutting & Sealing Device

  • Suitable for industrial and health care application
  • User defined size in cut and seal
  • Converts cutting and sealing process into an all-in-one fully automated process
  • Decreases the work load and reduces labor costs up to 70%
  • Optic sensors on automatic sealing process
  • High production efficiency of more than 5000 pouches per hour
  • Adjustable sealing process temperature
  • Masters synchronized high volume operation in different sizes
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H2O2 Plasma Indicator Strips

  • Designed to be used at low temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilizers
  • Assurance of sufficient hydrogen peroxide gas penetration into the packs
  • In compliance with ISO 111140-1
  • Clear and accurate color change from violet to green after successful sterilization
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Autoclave Tapes

  • Safe closing for all wrapping
  • Process indicator ink easy and accurate color change upon pack being processed
  • Suitable solution for  steam, ethylene oxide, dry-heat and plasma sterilization processes
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Adhesive Steam & EO Indicator Labels

  • Double sided self adhesive label with chemical indicator for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization methods
  • In conformity with ISO11140-1
  • Accurate indicator color change after successful sterilization cycle
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Class 6 Emulating Steam Indicator Strips

  • The cycle verification indicators in every pack to provide assurance of steam penetration into packs and presence of all critical parameters of steam sterilization cycle.
  • Designed for STEAM sterilization at 134°C – 3.5 minutes / 121°C – 15 minutes
  • In compliance to ISO 11140-1
  • Clear and accurate color change from blue to lilac after successful steam sterilization
  • Cost effective in Dual Strip design
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Class 5 Ethylene Oxide (EO) Indicator Strips

  • Assurance of ethylene oxide gas penetration into the packs
  • In compliance to ISO 11140-1 & ISO 11135
  • Clear and accurate color change from white to yellow after successful ethylene oxide sterilization
  • Cost effective in Dual Strip design
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